Steve Puccia

Chief Development Officer

Steve has over 25 years of experience in marketing and business development within the advertising and design industries. For the past 10 years he has worked exclusively in brand design and strategy for the entertainment, licensing and consumer products marketplace. Over his career, Steve has established and nourished hundreds of successful business relationships with clients such as; Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Disney and Hasbro, to name a few.

Prior to joining Parham Santana, Steve was the CMO/Partner at Hyperdesign, a leading design firm specializing in branding, packaging and style guide development.

A native New Yorker, Steve began his career in commercial music advertising, producing music for radio and television campaigns for over a decade.

What got you into this business in the first place?

My family is extremely creative both musically and artistically. I was drawn to the arts at an early age and became aware very quickly that it is also a business.

What attracted you to Parham Santana?

As a fierce competitor of my previous company I was always a fan of their creative work and business model, specifically their vision on branding.

Is there a great client success story you would like to share?

Working on a then relatively unknown property which has become one of the most successful animated movie franchises of all time.

What was growing up like for you?

I grew up in Queens, New York to Italian immigrants who strived to create a better life for their children. As a product of the 70's I enjoyed a great childhood with lots of friends and family. We played on the street back then and had to be dragged back into the house, no video games, cable TV and cell phones.

If you had to live on a deserted island what would you miss most?

My mother's meatballs.

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