How to Win at Retail: The 5 Proven Rules — John Parham to Host LIMA Roundtable Discussion

By PS Editor

May 17, 2017


"It's taken months to get the appointment with a key retail partner who can make your future a very happy one,” says John Parham, President, Director of Branding for Parham Santana, The Brand Extension Agency. “So what and how are you going to present, and what matters most to the retail 'gatekeeper' who makes the decision to carry your brand online or on-shelf?”

Discover the answer in a roundtable discussion hosted by LIMA at the Licensing Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. Join John, who will moderate, “How to Win at Retail: The 5 Proven Rules.”

Learn how to balance the creative and business sides of selling, what and how much to present, and in what order. Drawing from first-hand experience working with the world's largest retailers and leading brand owners, John will distill decades of what works, and what doesn't, into five proven rules for retail success.

LIMA's Roundtable series features tables of 20 people meeting for 30 minutes each with a licensing expert to discuss a topic of interest, then switching to a new table/topic. Each session provides time for attendees to participate in three discussions. Use this opportunity to hear from John and other licensing experts.

The LIMA Roundtable Discussion: Session 1
Wednesday, May 24th
8:00 AM to 9:45 AM
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Meeting Room: Tradewinds F


About John Parham

John Parham, President and Director of Branding, Parham Santana – The Brand Extension Agency, has 25+ years experience helping national brands extend and restage in the retail world. John's positioning and brand extension strategies for clients have guided long-term multi-billion-dollar retail programs for thousands of products at major national retailers in every channel of distribution – including Walmart, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Macy's. Parham Santana's unique perspective is based on a client base that includes direct involvement with the full roster of major national retailers, brand owners, licensing agents, as well as manufacturers and licensees. John is a LIMA board member and has a Certified Licensing Degree from LIMA, is a member of the In-Store Marketing Institute and has a M.S. in Communication from Pratt Institute.



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