Parham Santana brings duPont REGISTRY to the bespoke supercar industry

By PS Editor

October 26, 2016


The twin turbocharged duPont REGISTRY-branded Audi R8 was unveiled at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas in October 2016. This ultra-limited specially-built car represents state-of-the-art bespoke supercar manufacturing.



“This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this,” says Will Chapman, VP and Director of Special Projects at duPont REGISTRY, best-known for showcasing premium automobiles as well as fine luxury homes and yachts. “We’ve always distinguished ourselves by simply presenting products to buyers without distractions. It’s just been the buyer and the seller, and we’ve simply been a vehicle, if you’ll pardon the pun, to make that interaction possible. We’ve never stepped outside of that role to point to a product and say ‘This is the one we would buy,’ and that’s very exciting.”



Fitted with upgraded hardware developed by Speedriven, a high-performance tuning firm located in the suburbs of Chicago, Audi R8s fitted with the duPont REGISTRY Limited Edition package can deliver performance that challenges the limits of credibility. A zero-to-sixty sprint, for example, can be completed in about 2 seconds. From a standing start, the car will cross the finish line at the end of a quarter mile drag strip in about nine seconds at more than 150 miles per hour and still accelerating.



With power and performance like that, the duPont REGISTRY Limited Edition Performance Package-equipped Audi R8s are very special cars. To ensure this isn’t lost on the casual observer, each of the limited edition run of twenty-five will feature exclusive duPont REGISTRY badges on the outside, “dR”-monogram center caps and a custom “dR” fuel filler cap machined from a solid bar of aluminum while, inside, each of these cars will carry laser-etched “Limited Edition 1 of 25” dash plaques.

To learn more about these ultra-luxury performance cars and see the launch at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas, visit Autofluence, the exclusive blog of duPont REGISTRY.




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