Secrets to Millennial Sales: Parham Santana Talks

By PS Editor

October 21, 2016


Branding partnerships are “in”—in-store and online.

LDB Interior Textiles features Parham Santana in its annual State of the Industry Report, revealing examples of today’s branding partnerships, online offerings and Millennial-related trends.

“Distinguishing oneself with a known brand/partner is a great way to cut through the noise and have your message seen,” explains Maruchi Santana, chief client officer, Parham Santana, New York-based Brand Extension Agency. “The demands made by retailers to always offer up something new every season have made for more licensing deals with celebrities and bloggers.

“And, there always seem to be ‘barbarians at the gate’. Established brands are always fighting off the newcomers. In the past, they have been successful by creating high barriers to entry through sizeable marketing buys, retail relationships and innovation. This remains true, as it’s still difficult for a newcomer to unseat an established champion,” says Santana. “But it does happen and it seems now with more frequency. The growth of the digital world offers so many new ways to get brands inexpensively in front of consumers, it’s making it easier to be discovered.”

Recent licensing partnerships include one brokered by Parham Santana between The Company Store and Domino magazine. The collection, made with natural materials in a laid-back aesthetic, is called Domino by The Company Store and available at the companystore/

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