5 Biggest Challenges Facing Specialty Apparel Retailers


      Nearly every company wants to grow, but in the specialty apparel market, it’s going to be fascinating to see who thrives and who declines in the next few years. A wide range of challenges—from fickle fashion trends Read More…

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What the Muppets Taught Us About Connecting With Consumers


    People know Sesame Street from watching the lovable Muppets on TV, but it’s the licensed product business that supplies the majority of the iconic brand’s revenue. These products encompass thousands of SKUs and hundreds of partners in nearly Read More…

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The Dr. Strangebrand Files: Brand Extensions for Role Playing Geeks


   Photography by: Zweischneid of Pins of War Dr. Strangebrand is not usually one for games but every once in a while he is intrigued. Such is the case with live action role-playing or LARP for short, and all the Read More…

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J. Crew: Can Risky Fashion Pay Off Long-Term?


      Over the last five years, J.Crew has steadily gained market share and a base of loyal followers who aspire to embody the effortlessly chic aesthetic of J.Crew’s President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons. She’s become a media Read More…

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