Category Is Everything: Are You Extending Your Brand Into the Right One?


    Many people think about brand extension—leveraging an established brand name to enter a new product category—as a market research project. In reality, it’s a major strategic business decision that requires careful analysis and planning to launch into a Read More…

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5 Essential Truths Your Brand Needs to Know to Win at Retail


      The retail environment is tougher than it has ever been before. There are countless other brands vying for your shelf space at major retailers. And once you’re there, the competition around you is tough. Not to mention Read More…

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Shelf Space: How Licensors and Licensees Can Win Retail Placement Together


    “We’d be extremely interested if you have a retailer lined up.” I hear it half a dozen times a month. It’s a fair request. A licensee, unsure of a brand’s potential, would be swayed to join a licensing Read More…

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Gray, Black and Blue All Over: A Stroll Through the Land of Man Brands


      Gender roles are changing, and marketers aren’t far behind with a range of man brands. Over the past five years, there’s been study after study showing that men are taking over more traditionally female roles. Nielsen noted Read More…

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