Maruchi Santana’s MediaPost Engage:Teens Article: “How Brands Are Passed Down (And Up) Between Generations”


Teens might prefer to hit their favorite stores with friends, but they’re not afraid to buy the same brands as their parents. In Maruchi’s latest article for MediaPost’s Engage:Teens blog, she discovers exactly “How Brands Are Passed Down (and Up) Between Generations.”

 Roughly a dozen teens told us about introducing their parents to newer brands like Rue21 and Trader Joe’s. These same young people also shared stories about discovering established brands, such as Nordstrom, Chanel and GAP, with a little help from mom and dad. But there is a limit to all this sharing: Teens expressed frustration when parents started buying such teen specific brands as Victoria’s Secret PINK.

For brands, these parent-child referrals represent a big opportunity. Find out more about what drives these recommendations and how to encourage them in the full article.

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What Millennials Really Want From
Your Brand





The easiest way to describe members of Generation Y is with one word: particular. Those aged 16-29 like things a certain way: They know what they want, when they want it. And even more so, they know exactly what they don’t want.


Generation Y is open to interacting with businesses and brands, but only on their own terms. Brands must respect Generation Y’s fast-paced multitasking personality. Read More…

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Just Like Mom and Dad: Today Kids Want the Same Brands as Their Parents




Somewhere along the line we’ve moved from “parents just don’t understand” to a generation of kids who happily buy and wear the same brands as their parents. It’s a trend you’ve probably seen hints of in daily life: There are young girls enjoying in spa treatments, tweens in line at Starbucks and kids of all ages sporting high-end fashion brands. Read More…

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Secrets to Success: The Winning Brand Extension Strategy Behind the DVF for GAP Kids Collection


Diane von Furstenberg continues to expand her empire. Her newest venture with Gap Kids and Baby Gap just made a big splash with kid-friendly prints in bright yellows, greens and pinks. These bold, yet wearable clothing designs rapidly made their way across the blogosphere and popular social media sites like Pinterest. Read More…

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