Aaron Spiegeland

Vice President, Brand Strategy and Licensing

Aaron has 10+ years of marketing and licensing experience. As a Director of Brand Management at Beanstalk, Aaron oversaw accounts that generated over $600 million in annual retail revenue. He built and executed strategies that extended industry-leading brands including AT&T, Energizer, Ford and Purina into a variety of new product categories.

Prior to Beanstalk, Aaron worked for Warner Bros. Pictures and Dailey & Associates advertising. Aaron holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MFA from the University of Southern California and an MBA from New York University.

What got you into this business in the first place?

I started my career in entertainment where licensing holds a prominent position. Over time, I learned more about the industry and steered my career more toward the latter and less the former.

Do you have a method for coming up with solutions for clients?

Careful attention to both client and consumer needs. I’ve found the best results stem from taking a hard look at the market and aligning it with both brand values and program objectives.

What do you do for a good time when you’re not working?

Enjoy family time with my two boys.

Who was a big influence in your career?

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the fortune of working with several great managers and supervisors over my career. They played a large part in shaping who I became as a professional.

What is your motto?

Strive for excellence.

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